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BERU glow control units (ISS technology component)


The Best Support for a Cold Start

The Glow Plug Control Unit is a key part of the flawless starting operation of a cold engine. It is fitted with a microcontroller to define information like the timing, the specific electrical current size and duration supplied to the electronically controlled Glow Plug. The advanced technology found in the Glow Plug Control Unit combined with the Glow Plug succeeds in its purpose of improving the efficiency of the ignition process, significantly speeding it up, especially in very low temperatures.

Important Features

  • BERU® is market leader in coverage thanks to a consistent NPI program.
  • All the parts are engineered and manufactured in our own R&D and production centers in Western Europe, ensuring consistency in quality and a guarantee of OEM pedigree.
  • BERU® parts are developed in synergy with glow plugs OEM.
  • With BERU® Glow Plug Control Units, you're guaranteed a long-term collaboration, that's real support.
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