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BERU Ceramic Glow Plug (CGP) – Fast, heat-resistant, long lasting


The high requirements in terms of refinement, low emissions and performance made on modern diesel engines usually results in poorer starting characteristics. A problem that is exacerbated by low compression diesel engines. Beside glow plugs with an efficient cold-start function, modern engine designers are also looking for solutions that make heat energy available when the engine would otherwise generate higher emissions due to excessive cooling.

The forward looking BERU Ceramic Glow Plugs (CGP) fulfill these requirements – from rapid temperature rise to a high maximum temperature. At the same time they are characterized by high-durability and long life.

Technical Features

  • Glow temperature up to 1,300°C
  • Extremely rapid heat-up time in under 3 seconds to 1,300°C
  • Extended life time
  • Optimized close-loop control for
    pre-,intermediate and post-heating
  • Exact measurement of the glow plug resistance
  • Innovative production process

Shorter heat-up times

The key advantage: the BERU ceramic glow plug heats up much quicker than conventional ceramic glow plugs. Their heating element is inside the glow pin, which must first be heated up completely.

Design of the ceramic heating rod

The heating element consists entirely of electrically conductive ceramic. Because its surface has a higher specific resistance than the material of the supply and return conductors, the glow rod only glows at the tip (cap) and thus reaches high temperatures more rapidly. The glow pin contact consists of an internal and external conductor separated by an insulator.


1. Heating zone cap
2. Glow pin contact
3. Cap area
1. External conductor
2. Insulator
3. Internal conductor
4. Insulator
5. External conductor