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BERU Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) for diesel engines

The future exhaust gas limit values for diesel vehicles demand a drastic reduction in particles and nitrogen oxide. This demands optimisation of the combustion among other things. BERU Systems has developed the intelligent pressure sensor glow plug for this purpose. The PSG measures the pressure in the combustion chamber with an integrated sensor and reports this to the engine control electronics. This innovative concept will pay a key role in the further reduction of the diesel emissions and has already won numerous innovation awards.

BERU Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG)

BERU Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG)

Technical features

  • Sensor principle : piezoresistive
  • Flexible heating rod for pressure transmission
  • Robust sealing element between body and heating rod
  • Miniaturised electronics integrated in the upper part of the glow plug
  • Calibrated and customer-specific programmed
  • Integrated concentric automotive plug
Technical data
Operating temperature -40 – 140°C (max. 150°C)
Pressure range 0 – 200 bar (max. 210 bar)
Power supply (Vdd) 5,0 V or 3,3 V
Output signal ratio metric
Bandwidth 0 to 5 kHz
Accuracy ± 2%
Glow function
Current 60sec < 10 A
Temperature after 60sec > 980°C
Max. temperature 1100°C


  1. Plug
  2. Circuit board with electronics
  3. Glow plug body
  4. Glow plug heating rod
  5. High voltage connection
  6. Measuring diaphragm
  7. Gasket

Pressure curves in comparison

The following pressure curves show the course of a PSG signal and a reference sensor signal in the combustion chamber of a test bench engine.


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