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High-tech BERU Glow Plugs, pre-, start and post-glowing (type GE, type GN)

Diesel starting is now quicker, more reliable and more environmentally friendly.

BERU Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of glow plugs in the world — and inventor of numerous innovations in Diesel cold start technology

The latest diesel car engines are equipped with the innovative three-phase glow technology (pre-heating — heating during starting — post-heating). This means: the glow plug not only heats prior to and during the starting phase, but also up to 180 seconds after starting. This protects the environment and the engine.

The BERU 3-phase glow plugs are available in both the GE and GN type.

GE and GN glow plugs in 2-coil technology have not only a heating coil to maintain the optimal heating temperature, but also have a regulator coil that effectively protects the glow plug from overheating. In this way BERU glow plugs are extremely reliable and durable.

The GE glow plug is a performance-optimised, controlled glow plug used in engines of the latest generations. The fast heating of the glow plug and the controlled operation are provided by a programmable microcontroller in the glow time control unit.

BERU Slim Line — the slim, rapid high-tech glow plug that post-heats.

BERU Slim Line — the slim, rapid high-tech glow plug that post-heats.

Technical Features

  • Super quick start glow plugs in new, slim shape
  • Extremely short pre-heating time: from 2 seconds
  • Reliable starting (even at -30 °C!)
  • Can be used for post-heating, as a result environmentally friendly: up to 40% less pollutant emissions during the warm up phase
  • No more cold start knocking
  • Quieter engine running
  • Protects the engine during starting


The function

Pre-heating starts with the operation of the ignition switch and, at normal outdoor temperatures, continues until the engine is ready to start, 2-7 seconds. The difference to previous heating technology is that the glow plugs continue to be heated for approx. 3 minutes after the engine is started.

The advantages

Due to the post-heating, during the warm up phase the diesel fuel is burnt more fully and with less noise. In this way, clouding of the exhaust gas is reduced by up to 40%. The engine runs quieter from the beginning on, and the exhaust gas emissions are considerably reduced. Due to the quieter engine running during the starting phase, the life of the engine is improved.

Our Tip

Every 75,000 to 100,000 km (45,000 to 60,000 miles), the glow plugs should be tested with a glow plug quick tester (it is not necessary to remove the plugs for this test). This ensures reliable diesel starting also at low temperatures.

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