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BERU Izzítógyertya-vizsgáló készülék acél és kerámia izzítógyertyákhoz

A BERU által kifejlesztett vizsgálókészülékkel (BERU rendelési sz. 0 800 115 010) minden kereskedelemben kapható izzítógyertya (a kerámia izzítógyertyákat is beleértve) biztonságosan, gyorsan és gazdaságosan vizsgálható 12 V fedélzeti feszültségű járművekben – egyenként, automatikus feszültség-felismeréssel, kiszerelés és a motor elindítása nélkül.


  • Reliable, fast and economical testing because there is no need to dismantle the glow plugs, or start the engine
  • No need to pre-set the glow plug type (steel or ceramic)
  • Detects automatically the glow plug voltage (from 3.3 to 15 volt)
  • Tests in real-life conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Can test each glow plug separately
  • Analogue display of heating and current limitation (individual glow plugs can be compared for current consumption and control behavior)
  • Short-circuit and reverse voltage protection
  • Surge voltage protection (additional glow plug monitoring via autonomous circuit)
  • Characteristic-controlled testing procedure as in electronic control devices
  • Detects loose contacts by means of processor, then repeats the test
  • Special micro-controller software incorporated into the tester.

Technical Data

  • Power input 8,5–15 Volt Max. current 80 Ampere
  • Test voltage 0–7,5 Volt; After 3 seconds, the voltage goes back to 4.7 volts
  • Test pieces sheathed steel glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs, 3.3 - 15 volts
  • Diemensions 122 x 65 x 40 mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight 250 g
  • Error message:
    → Over-voltage and under-voltage
    → Short-circuit
    → Output (blue test cable) to +12 volt supply
    → Output (blue test cable) to minus


If the test does not run as planned it may be for one of the following reasons. Here is how to remedy the situation:

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
The dial continues to be illuminated red; Test procedure does not start “Stop“ is still illuminated yellow Wait until "Start" is illuminated yellow
The dial is not illuminated
  • Plus- und Minus-Anschluss verwechselt
  • Poor contact at connections
  • Ensure good and secure contact
  • Connect the tester correctly. Plus = Red / Minus = Black
No function The input voltage is too low Charge or replace vehicle battery
The dial is fl ashing red
  • Short-circuit measurement or the blue test cable has had ground or plus contact
  • Undervoltage  8.5 V
  • Overvoltage  17 V
  • Briefly disconnect the red plus terminal on the tester and then reconnect (Reset)
  • Check connections
  • Check the voltage supply

Download Flyer »ÚJDONSÁG: Izzítógyertya-teszter« (PDF)