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BERU High Voltage Connecting System

Ignition Lead Set, Ignition Cables and Connectors — Improved Fuel Usage, More Protection for the Environment

Ignition Lead Set

Ignition Lead Set

Ignition Lead Set

All ignition leads of an engine compartment are exposed to the same influences (as salt water, detergents or marten bites). Due to this fact they reach their wear limit more or less at the same time. BERU ignition leads sets consisting of assembled cables and connectors make the replacement very easy. They are available in copper core and resistance technique.

Ignition Cable

All over the world leading car manufacturers install three different types of ignition cable:

  • Copper core ignition cables
  • Resistance ignition cables (Reactance ignition leads: ferromagnetic core with wirewound resistor)
  • Equivalent resistance ignition cables (carbon resistor)

BERU CarbonCable, BERU CopperCable und BERU PowerCable comply exactly with OEM requirements and thus guarantee precise ignition on the aftersales fitting, optimal engine performance and economical fuel consumption.

Connectors — The quality in the detail

The task of the connector is to provide a reliable connection and transfer the electrical power — under extreme operating conditions. BERU connectors are designed in accordance with OEM requirements and equipped with original connecting pieces — irrespective of whether as a spark plug connector, ignition coil connector or distributor connector.