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BERU Ultra — the Choice of Automotive Manufacturers

Under the name BERU Ultra, we offer a wide range of quality spark plugs for a large number of different engines and applications, these spark plugs are also often used in OEM. This guarantees a high quality level and innovative technology.

BERU Ultra — environmentally friendly and dependable.

BERU Ultra — environmentally friendly and dependable.

Technical Features

  • Optimal, environmentally friendly combustion: saves fuel and protects the catalytic converter
  • Reliable ignition under all operating conditions
  • Long life, high dependability
  • Proven materials: Two-component earth and centre electrode with nickel-jacketed copper core adapted exactly to the application purpose
  • Versions same as OEM

Our Tip

Timely Spark Plug Replacement Pays for Itself! Spark plugs are subject to wear and must be regularly replaced. Otherwise there is a risk of incomplete combustion, higher fuel output and increased pollutant emissions as well as misfiring. Misfiring can result in unburned fuel reaching the catalytic converter. This can cause irreparable damage to the catalytic converter!


  1. SAE connector nut (cable connector nut)
  2. Five-fold leakage current barrier with ribbed profile
  3. Aluminium oxide insulator
  4. Nickel-plated plug body
  5. Conductive seal glass
  6. Inner cell
  7. Centre electrode: copper core, nickel sheath
  8. Air space
  9. Insulator mount
  10. Ground electrode