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Meet the Beru Iridium, our first spark plug with an iridium-based centre electrode.
It’s the best technology that you can find on the market today. As a precious metal,
iridium is ideally suited for this vital element of your car. It’s extremely heat resistant, giving this spark plug the longest lifespan, by far. In addition, Beru Iridium spark plugs let your engine achieve great performance in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions, at all times. Confirmed technology combined with state of the art innovations, that’s our promise.

10 Advantages of BERU Iridium Spark Plugs

  • Extremely heat-resistant (up to 2,450° Celsius) iridium alloy centre electrode
  • More durable than spark plugs with electrodes made of copper or platinum, up to 120,000 kilometres
  • Lower cost for end users through longer maintenance intervals
  • Improved throttle response with greater flame front
  • Lower fuel consumption and emissions by more precise spark spread
  • Exclusive Heat-Active™ alloy which quickly reaches a stable operating temperature
  • Pre-formed for quick installation
  • Extremely durable because the iridium electrode is welded to copper core, no corrosion
  • Built according to the OEM specifications and the highest quality standards
  • Developed, tested and manufactured in Europe



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How long do Iridium plugs last?


Facts about Iridium



The precious metal iridium is one of the hardest metals in the world and is believed to come from a massive meteorite crash about 65 million years ago. It is extremely refractory, with a melting point of 2,446° Celsius, and very hard. That’s why an iridium alloy is the conductor of choice for a spark plug. Because of these properties, it has a very long lifespan, significantly longer than copper, and in addition, it performs very consistently during that entire period. Iridium Technology thus enhances the performance, emissions and lifespan of an internal combustion engine.