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BERU Spark Plug Assembly Aid, ZMH 001

The mechanic’s extended arm


Problem: There's usually very little space in the engine compartment. When fitting or removing the spark plug, the mechanic can injure or burn his hand on the engine – or drop and damage the spark plug.

Solution: The BERU spark plug assembly aid, made from rubber, acts as the “mechanic’s extended arm”: It holds the spark plug securely, so that it can be carefully removed or installed after loosening or before tightening the plug.

BERU Spark Plug Assembly Aid, ZMH 002

Reliable spark plug replacement without tilting


Problem: The relatively large opening in the spark plug shaft means that when fitting or removing spark plugs using an extension, there is a risk of tilting the wrench, causing the spark plug insulator to crack. Result: Misfiring due to sparks jumping across the cracked insulator can destroy the catalytic converter.

Solution: Simply insert the BERU assembly tool, suitable for almost all vehicle models, into the 3/8” spark plug extension and push it into the spark plug shaft. The spark plug wrench will now remain parallel to the shaft and cannot be tilted.


Fractures in insulator neck – caused by tilting the spark plug wrench or the extension.


Left: A glance into the engine compartment clearly reveals the problem of fitting a plug: Spark plugs in modern multi-valve engines are inserted so far down into the cylinder head that they can only be fitted or removed with the aid of an extension. Unfortunately, this can lead to tilting!

Center: The width of the shaft actually makes it easier to tilt the spark plug wrench and extension.

Right: The BERU spark plug assembly aid 002 enables the spark plug to be screwed in and out without any risk of tilting. This helps to prevent any insulator cracks and consequential damage such as false firing and misfiring, which would then cause irreparable damage to the catalytic converter.